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Wedding at Villa Cattani Stuart (Pesaro), Le Marche, Italy

This year I planned a wedding at Villa Cattani Stuart (Pesaro) for a very sweet and very nice couple: Kevin, from the Marches with an American mother and a Neapolitan father and Amie, fully English (please find here their wedding at Villa Cattani Stuart all their best photos).

When they contacted me at the beginning of 2021, they were still undecided whether or not to take the Wedding Planner. They had already identified Villa Cattani Stuart as the location for their wedding, but they didn't know if the help of a professional Wedding Planner would have made the difference.

In hindsight, I can say that hiring me was almost a salvation for them (here you can read what Kevin and Amie say about me).


What certainly fascinates the visitor when he arrives at Villa Cattani Stuart are the 3 elegant and well-kept Italian gardens accessible after walking through a very romantic wooded park. A wooded park which, I admit, until now, I have never taken much into consideration... Instead, a critical and expert eye like that of Sabrina Urilli I'm sure she could transform it into a delightful area for a candlelit dinner under a starry sky of fairy lights.

With intense colors, the gardens capture the eye and the heart thanks to the countless flower beds, the fountains, the small temples scattered here and there. Inevitable stone statues and evergreen decorations. Kevin and Amie, and certainly their families, were truly fascinated by this breathtaking show. A great fortune to have such a refined and elegant wedding location in the Marche, don't you think?

The historic Villa is surrounded by greenery and inside you can admire frescoed ceilings by Niccolò Berrettoni. In the historic Villa, just last week, I organized an itinerant aperitif on the occasion of Matteo and Crystal's winter wedding, who decided to come here from the United States of America to celebrate their big day. But I will tell you about this in another post.

From the gardens and from the historic Villa it is possible to enjoy a spectacular view over the whole valley. The Adriatic Sea is clearly visible on clear and bright days and the area surrounding the property is particularly suitable for walks on foot or by bicycle (since 2017 Villa Cattani Stuart has been a real Bike Hotel which offers qualified services to bicycle lovers Passion for two wheels that originates from the grandfather of the current owners, Adamo Tomassini, owner of one of the few bicycle workshops in Pesaro).


Organizing a wedding at Villa Cattani Stuart is now child's play for me! I've done so many of those on-site inspections that I could shoot it with my eyes closed.

Choosing to get married at Villa Cattani Stuart allows, especially for those who are organizing their wedding remotely (did you read my post on how to organize your destination wedding in Le Marche?), to have the certainty of living the preparation phase in complete tranquility and serenity. First of all, the management of the events is entrusted to an Event Manager that I know personally and that I consider among the best in the area: Filippo Bernardi. Excellent communicator and organizer, Filippo is my right hand man at Villa Cattani Stuart!

Furthermore, the location boasts 35 rooms including Comfort, Superior and Junior suites so for many guests the problem of staying is solved!

So do you want to get married at Villa Cattani Stuart? Here's how and where you could organize the various phases of the event:


For the preparation of the bride, Villa Cattani Stuart makes available the splendid Sala delle Grottesche located in the Historic Villa. There is enough space for the bride, mother and bridesmaids and therefore the whole Bridal party. A historic, precious and cozy environment that allows the bride and her entire entourage to relax in such an unforgettable moment of the wedding.

For the groom I recommend the hotel's Junior Suite, less glamorous, but certainly practical and efficient.

Sposa di spalle e due damigelle vestite di verde che le chiudono il vestito
Ph. Alberto Ghiddi


Villa Cattani Stuart has recently been added since Comune di Pesaro among the places where it is possible to celebrate the civil ceremony, therefore with legal value.

Or, if you prefer to personalize the ceremony as much as possible with readings or rites or if you are already married, but want to renew your wedding vows with your loved ones, then the Italian gardens are certainly the most suitable scenario for this purpose. In case of rain, however, it is possible to use the Historic Villa which, with its frescoes and precious furniture, has nothing to envy to the gardens.

If, on the other hand, you prefer a Catholic religious ceremony, then just a few minutes from Villa Cattani Stuart you will find the Church of Novilara or the Church of Trebbiantico, which can be reached on foot from the Villa.


The aperitif in the sumptuous Italian gardens of Villa Cattani Stuart are certainly the highlight of the wedding. It's not every day you get to eat, drink and relax in these historic environments so full of color and harmony. For Kevin and Amie's wedding, for example, we had enriched everything with some beautiful acoustic music played by Mariposas (harp, violin, flute and cello). A fantastic melody that accompanied guests until sunset.


For dinner there are several options: set up the area in front of the Salone delle Feste (Salon which would be plan B in case of rain, cold or in any case bad weather) or rent a tensile structure to be assembled or always in front of the Salone delle Feste or, to stay closer to the aperitif area, in the internal car park of the Villa. Perfectly surrounded by greenery and easy to access even from the swimming pool, the parking lot is called that, but if you happen to see it without cars or vehicles, in my opinion, it's the ideal solution!


The Salone delle Feste is the ideal environment that will allow you to celebrate with a live band or a DJ set until 01.00 at night. It's so big that up to 200 people can dance, including the open bar!

If you need to talk to me, if you want to know more about how I work and what I can do for you, what are you waiting for?



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