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Destination Wedding in Le Marche: the new Tuscany of weddings in Italy

Le Marche, the perfect region to get married in Italy

If you dream of an authentic wedding, full of charm and simplicity, "Le Marche" is the region for you.

Erroneously considered the bronze medal of central Italy, immediately after Tuscany and Umbria, Marche is the only Italian region that has the article (Le=The).

With tourism that is still "delicate", not mass tourism, it offers a range of the most varied landscapes: from the coast to the small villages in the hills, from the mountains to the gentle valleys. A wedding in Le Marche is the ideal solution for those looking for a new and exclusive place.

5 reasons why foreigners choose to get married in Le Marche for their destination wedding in Italy

There are some really interesting reasons why many foreign couples (Americans, English, Germans, Swiss, Belgians, Scottish among the first on the list) decide to get married in Le Marche region. Let's see them together.


Certainly one of the reasons why foreign couples choose to get married in LeMarche is because they have relatives, friends or work colleagues here. The grandfather who has Italian origins, the mother who married a man from Le Marche or simply the summers spent between the Conero and the Macerata countryside. I also happened to follow a couple who had come here for work and who almost immediately fell in love with the people, the landscapes and above all the good food!


Never underestimate this aspect. Rentals for villas and locations in Le Marche start from €4,500, well below the cost of a villa on Lake Como or the Amalfi coast. All the rest of the budget can therefore be allocated, with a greater sigh of relief, to other cost categories such as catering, flowers, lights, various arrangements, music.


Getting married in the Marche means doing everything in history and art. They are a one-of-a-kind region that alternates vast expanses of wild nature with small, iconic Renaissance villages located atop green hills. Apecchio, Urbisaglia, Tolentino, Macerata, Ascoli Piceno, Pesaro, Petritoli, Urbino, Treia, Fossombrone, Loretello, Frontone, Gradara and many others are certainly worth taking into consideration if you are thinking of getting married in the Marche and in a typical Italian village far from the most famous destinations.


Golden beaches, blue and crystalline sea, rivers, forests, mountains and an endless countryside: these are just some of the main characteristics that make Le Marche a perfect region for foreigners who want to welcome their guests in an authentically Italian environment and want to offer them magical experiences in contact with nature that you don't expect.


We Italians are used to it, we have savored our culinary excellence since birth, but for a foreigner, Italy is above all good food, good wine. Organizing a wedding in Italy, or rather a wedding in the Marche, for a foreigner, also means enjoying flavours, aromas and combinations that are difficult to find elsewhere.

An ancient proverb from the Marche says:

"Del vin bidogna fann us, no abus"

that means “we must make use of wine and not abuse it”. The famous single glass of wine drunk during the day seems to be a reason for the longevity of many grandparents in the Marche!

Having organized several weddings in the Marche I learned about D.O.C and  I.G.P. wines. most famous and appreciated by foreigners who come to get married in the Marche: Lacrima di Morro d'Alba, Rosso Conero, Bianchello del Metauro, Passerina, Rosso Piceno, Verdicchio dei Castelli di Jesi.

When it comes to food, foreigners certainly prefer products from the land and the sea, all of which obviously at zero km. It is said that Le Marche is among the most virtuous regions in Italy in the organic farming sector and for its commitment to biodiversity and the rediscovery of ancient native crops.

Among the typical Marche products requested by my foreign couples who come to get married in Italy there are certainly (source: Dissapore):

  • The Vincisgrassi

  • The Ciauscolo

  • Crescia

  • Ascoli style olives

  • The Ciavarro

  • Campofilone macaroni

  • The Chalcones

  • Fried cream

  • The Marche Brodetto

  • The brunette from Fano

  • Ancona style stockfish

Organizing a destination wedding in Le Marche: a unique experience

If you intend to get married in Le Marche and want to combine for yourself and your guests a package of experiences and emotions that they will carry with them forever then my advice is to rely on expert and qualified people like the guys at Cicero Experience: on this portal it is possible to organize experiences of all kinds, from nature, to sport, to wellness, to extreme sports.

While you want to take a look at the crazy landscapes of this region I recommend the reel di Sara Bucefalo, Sara who participated in the shooting al Castello di Naro.

A destination wedding in Italy, a wedding in Le Marche

If you don't know where to get married in Le Marche, if you don't know how to choose the perfect wedding location for your destination wedding in Italy, destination wedding in Le Marche then read my post "Get Married in Le Marche, 10 top wedding locations"

If you need to talk to me, if you want to know more about how I work and what I can do for you, what are you waiting for?



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