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Nice to meet you!

Let yourself be conquered by my joy!

I am Federica, I was born in Rome and for some time now I have lived in the splendid Romagna , a wonderful land, rich in history and culture that is the envy of far more famous Italian regions!


I am a Wedding Planner , a true " wedding planner " in its purest meaning. Do you know what it means? It means that I carry out the whole project of your wedding starting from the assumption that there will only be collaborators and professional figures specific to each situation and no one, much less myself (!), Will improvise for what it is not or for which it does not have the right skills (I don't set up sugared almonds or sweet tables , I don't create graphic coordinates, I don't make “bows” or light candles!).


I like to organize intimate , sophisticated weddings for a few people ... Those, in short, among the real relatives and closest friends ... Events that, strange to believe, require a considerable organizational effort ... Because in these marriages, so special and profound, the attention to detail, harmony between the various elements, simplicity and elegance are at the highest levels.


I am a very sincere, concrete , realistic, orderly and precise person . I love the organization of ideas and things and at the same time I am a dreamer and a lover of beauty. I get emotional when I listen to the love story of my couples, I cry with joy and I get excited very often during the preparatory phase (eh I know, I have an easy tear !), But somehow, I don't know how, for the great day all the tears come back and I work calmly and rationally .

If you believe that I am the consultant you were looking for your wedding, what are you waiting for!


sposo che abbraccia sposa in riva al mare

Maurizio & Annamaria

Thanks to Federica we have made our dream come true from Puglia to Cattolica (bringing with us over 100 guests), not at all easy without her. Helpful and professional person. He took care of everything in detail starting from the ceremony and ending with the location. All the suppliers you offer are a guarantee. In short, we were looking for a professional and we found a sister. The top.

bouquet da sposa bianco rosa verde e pesca

Pablo & Marina

We entrusted the organization of our wedding to Federica (Joy Wedding) and it was a magnificent experience that we will never forget. From the beginning he helped us with all the details and suppliers, always offering us well-kept alternatives and also informing us in a very professional and transparent way to respect costs. She was never pushy, but she was always in control of the schedule ...

Sposi felici.jpg

Riccardo & Nut

Wedding organized in a very short time and with attention to every little detail ... I asked Federica for a chic touch, but in the meantime simple ... and she satisfied me in every way making our wedding wonderful! I recommend it because it is truly fantastic, ready for any request and always ready to amaze with its ideas! Thank you

Sposi vestiti di bianco e sorridenti

Massimo & Katja

We wanted a wedding out of the lines, we wanted it in our garden, we wanted it magical. The case led us to contact Federica who made our dream possible! She with her experience .. her good taste .. her sympathy has fully hit our goals and it was all like in fairy tales! Heartfelt thanks Fedy. With "immense pleasure" Mr. Cassiani.


I am proud to be part of WPI Wedding Planner Italia, a national association for professional Wedding Planners only, as a Member of the Board of Directors.


My works have been featured on "Amber & Muse" and "Whimsical Wonderland Weddings".


Do you want to get married in Romagna or in the Marche region and need help?