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Alternative and intimate wedding in Italy, in Romagna and Le Marche

How to plan an alternative and intimate wedding in Italy, in Romagna and Le Marche

How many times do I hear couples who contact me say: "Federica, we want an intimate, simple, alternative wedding, do you think it's possible?"

Well, I hope that with today's post I can help all those couples who want to organize an alternative and intimate wedding in Italy, especially in Romagna and Marche.

👉🏻👉🏻 SPOILER: intimate does not mean low cost! 👈🏻👈🏻

7 tips for a truly alternative and intimate wedding in Italy (in Romagna and Le Marche)

The main advice I would like to give to all those engaged couples who are about to organize their intimate wedding in Italy, in Romagna and Le Marche is not to compromise: therefore, first of all evaluate what you want, how you want to achieve it and the basis of your priorities. And if you haven't already done so, go read my post on matrimonio alternativo, I hope you will find ideas that will win you over!

But now let's get to us. Do you want a truly alternative and intimate wedding in Italy?

Below are the 5 aspects/advice to consider for organizing an alternative Italian wedding:


Let's start immediately with the key element that distinguishes an intimate and alternative wedding from a classic and traditional one: the number of guests. Forget crowds of 100, 150 if not 200 guests. Here we are few, but good and, above all, true... 30, 40, maximum 50. "well, but Aunty Concetta really wanted to be there". You will have the opportunity to thank Aunt Concetta after the wedding: a nice family lunch in the restaurant where she also got married to Uncle Ugo and you will see that you have solved the problem.

Think about it carefully: how many people do you hang out with every day, relatives and friends who really know you and who are actively part of your daily life? 15, 20, maximum 25. Multiply by two and you're done.


Foreigners who come to get married in Italy arrive at least one day before the wedding and leave the day after. Often, both the couple and the guests extend their stay up to a week (particularly the spouses from overseas). What could be more delicious and special than spending an entire weekend in the company of friends and relatives who will be with us on the big day? Precisely because the guests were selected, thinking of spending 3 days exclusively with the truest people, closest to us is the most alternative solution that can be adopted.

3. VENUE (not restaurants)

Choosing to organize an alternative wedding in Italy, especially in Romagna and Marche is very simple: there are many locations that allow guests and the couple to stay: Palazzo Serre, Castello di Montegridolfo, Castello di Granarola, il Maniero, Tenuta Santi Giacomo e Filippo, Villa Tombolina, Ca' Bevilacqua, Villa Giulia, la Monteduccia, Villa Marsi, Corbaia Relais, Corte San Ruffillo, just to name a few.


In the afternoon of the day of arrival you can organize painting or cooking courses, walks in the mountains or hills, wine and oil tastings, horseback riding, boat excursions, etc. In short, the idea of offering your guests hours to spend together, in complete freedom, carrying out activities that they would otherwise never have done alone and then, also in your company, I think is truly alternative and interesting for everyone. On the portal of Cicero Experience you will surely find many ideas!


What could be more welcoming and delicious than organizing a welcome dinner for all the guests who will be attending your wedding the next day? A pizza party, a barbecue or a dinner by the sea... The guests relax, get to know each other, the atmosphere warms up. An informal dinner that helps everyone feel even more involved and "selected" for such an important event as the wedding of their couple of friends or relatives.


Are you also tired of the usual, all-Italian tradition in which the friends of the newlyweds, during the big day, organize dubiously funny pranks? I do! So I propose to take advantage of the opportunity of all coming together to say to each other all those things that we would otherwise never have the courage to say. Either during the aperitif or as soon as you sit at the table or between one meal and another, it is nice to listen to the thoughts, words, poems and writings of your friends and relatives. Speeches written especially for you or thoughts that you yourself would like to say to your guests. They are unique, unrepeatable moments, full of emotions that you will hardly forget. Nothing but jokes!


Last but not least, the big farewell before leaving and everyone returning home. The final brunch, the restart brunch! If it's late in the evening, it's unlikely you'll have breakfast and then the alternative is the late morning brunch which will surely please everyone. Often the locations themselves offer this service or you can think of hiring a private chef who comes to the location and prepares everything without you or your guests having to worry about anything. It will certainly be a pleasant thing to start the day with homemade desserts and savory delicacies typical of the area. All accompanied by a good local wine, whether from Romagna or the Marche, it will certainly be a success!

If you need to talk to me, if you want to know more about how I work and what I can do for you, what are you waiting for?



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