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Vineyard wedding in Italy, at Tenuta Santi Giacomo & Filippo, Urbino, Le Marche, Italy

Getting married in Le Marche at the Tenuta Santi Giacomo & Filippo, Urbino

Last summer I organized two weddings at the Tenuta Santi Giacomo & Filippo, located in the Urbino campaign: that of a young Belgian couple, Bert and Nele (find the report of that day in this page) And the one for Ben and Elizabeth, an eclectic American couple who decided to have dinner in the vineyard under the warm Settembrino sun. Today I will tell you about the last one.

Vineyard Wedding in Italy for Ben & Elizabeth

Ben and Elizabeth are two American guys that contacted me last summer to help them plan their destination wedding in Le Marche region. Elizabeth also speaks a little Italian because here, in the small village of San Giorgio, here father lived when he was a young guy. She knows the area very well and is in love (like giving her wrong!) of these particular and at the same time spectacular landscapes. It is therefore in Le Marche that have decided to bring their American friends and relatives to celebrate their marriage.

The chosen wedding location could not fail to be the Tenuta Santi Giacomo & Filippo who is a few minutes from the country where her father lived.

How to organize and plan a vineyard wedding at Tenuta Santi Giacomo & Filippo

To organize the wedding in the vineyard in Italy, at Tenuta Santi Giacomo and Filippo for Ben and Elizabeth I followed the following steps:

  1. I made an inspection: seeing with my own eyes the area where dinner will be set up is certainly necessary to better understand the spaces available and the necessary logistics/equipment. Ben and Elizabeth could not do it before their wedding being resident in New York so I prepared for them videos and photos: this helped them a lot to understand and choose the best solutions

  2. I evaluated the number of guests in operation of both the plan A and the plan B, an alternative not to be underestimated. In fact, being the number of guests above 40, in case of rain, strong wind or cold (which can also happen on September evenings!) the dinner area should have moved to the Urbino dei Laghi restaurant (5 minutes with car from the vineyard). Fortunately that day did not rain, beautiful sun, the right one ... so they had a dinner in the spectacular vineyard!

  3. I evaluated, together with the designer, the type of furniture and materials made available to the location and therefore I proposed to the couple of alternative solutions: rent of country wooden tables (with not tablecloth), tuscan model chairs, sofas, barrels for the aperitif ... all furniture were taken from the rental company Preludio Noleggio

  4. I made inspections and briefing with the various suppliers involved in the project (light designer, florist, audio service, etc.) to organize the 30 meter long table so that it was efficient, elegant and complete with everything

  5. I created visual maps for both situations (good weather and bad weather) so that it was simple and intuitive for everyone to work, without staying in doubt where to put a chair rather than a barrel.

The photo gallery of Ben & Elizabeth's vineyard wedding

How then did the marriage to Tenuta Santi Giacomo and Filippo di Ben and Elizabeth go? I would say great! All as expected! If you haven't seen yet here you can fine the photos go to see them!

In this post, however, I will make you a short roundup of the behind the scenes of the most important moments.

  1. Bride & groom's getting ready

  2. The ceremony

  3. Italian aperitif & buffet

  4. The dinner in the vineyard

  5. Cake & party


Elizabeth prepared in the "Salvia" room, while well in the adjacent "Rosmarino" room both belonging to the "Aromatic Herbs" group: I love when the locations give the names so significant to their rooms rather than the numbers!


The content number of guests (about 70) allowed us to set up an intimate ceremony on the left side of the splendid church.

The small restored village holds, in fact, a country church dedicated to the saints Giacomo and Filippo who give their name to the estate. Ben and Elizabeth had a symbolic ceremony, not religious so they did not enter inside, but the side garden is still an excellent solution for ceremonies of this type.


At the end of the ceremony, the guests went to the garden adjacent to the SPA of the estate and enjoyed the Marche delicacies of the house chef. All in the name of quality, territoriality and Italianness that foreigners like it so much!


And here we are at the most important moment from a planning and logistics point of view: dinner in the vineyard! I thank all my splendid team for having made this splendid setting together together! A long table of 30 meters, chandeliers in rattan, lights and a splendidly illuminated vineyard. In the background the sweet notes of harp, violin and cello ... what a dream!


And to finish in beauty, Elizabeth's favorite cake could not be missing: millefeuille with chantilly cream and berries! How much Italy in this event .. how much love, how much authenticity!

If you need to compare yourself with me, if you want to know more about how to work and what can I do for you, what are you waiting for?



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