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Intimate wedding and Elope in le Marche, Italy: why? 8 reasons to get married "alone"


I have heard and read that the intimate wedding, with very few guests (or not guests at all) is the new trend ("The Knot", a famous overseas magazine, also talks about it). We are living in a period so delicate and almost without certainty that the choice of many future couples is to celebrate the wedding in complete solitude or with no more then 10 guests.).

An intimate wedding, why? Why should future spouses choose this solution?

I had already talked about it in the post dedicated to MicroWedding, remember? Today I come back to this topic because I believe there is still something to say.

And to be honest, I don't think it's a trend at all.


So I wondered what drives a couple TODAY to choose an intimate wedding, to choose to get married without the whole family in tow, without the historical company of friends. If the choice, in particular, is dictated by the fear of Covid19 (and all that it entails) or by a mere economic choice or, again, by more personal reasons.

I have an idea, but to understand if it is a shared thought or not, I asked several couples that I follow in a Facebook group, dedicated to intimate marriages, why this choice was made.

The answers were so many and among the most varied. And many, in fact, confirmed my thinking.

fianceè with 2 rings
Intimate wedding in Le Marche, a wedding for two


Do you want to know what future brides answered when I asked them "an intimate wedding: why this choice?". I list them below:

Let's talk about them.

1. Covid19 and related issues

Some brides were afraid of the old health situation: Covid19 has really stopped the dreams of many couples.

Giulia S .: "due to Covid19 we have suffered a serious mourning and we do not feel like celebrating with the number of guests initially foreseen";

Laura B .: "After Covid canceled our original plans, we decided to flee to Las Vegas. We couldn't wait for the world to return to 'normal'. We want and deserve to be married!";

Elisa S .: "unfortunately the Coronavirus has taken away some of our closest friends. We have therefore decided for a low profile wedding".

2. Family dynamics

There are several spouses who have chosen an intimate and reserved wedding due to problems with their families. Difficult relationships, complicated relationships.

Milena Z .: "my future husband's family is practically non-existent, mine is never available when needed. Better alone than badly accompanied !;

Caterina A .: "I lost my father when I was 5 years old, I never liked my mother's partner as well as his sisters and all his relatives. On Luca's part, however, the parents are divorced and they have not left on good terms at all. In short, it would be an unshared joy ";

Raffaella U .: "we are a very alternative couple, decidedly alternative. Our families, on the other hand, are extremely traditional and in our opinion also bigots. We prefer an intimate marriage because their presence is not essential to us".

3. Introverted characters

One of the reasons that made me more tender. Yes, because unfortunately, when weddings take on the role of a show, not all couples are always at ease (and thank goodness, I would say!).

Andrea K .: "since I was a child I dreamed of a wedding in my backyard, with my 2 dogs and my 3 cats, just to make you understand what kind I am. I have never, ever wanted a disco-style party. us, an intimate wedding, for a few (microwedding) is the ideal solution ";

Sofia T .: "my future husband (but also me, in the end) are very shy. We can hardly express our emotions. A marriage full of people to entertain and to have to smile constantly is not for us".

4. Budget not sufficient or considered wasted

And here we are with one of the most popular answers. On the one hand, the world economic crisis, on the other the question of principle that does not allow to offer lunch / dinner to too many people.

Carlotta I .: "between relatives and friends we reach about 250 people. We tried to make a skimming and it was not possible. Unfortunately we do not have the financial resources to organize a decent wedding with these numbers";

Elisabetta O .: "we would have the money as well, but we do not intend to pay a party to people we have seen yes and no twice in our life! Our families are very numerous and, after we have been confronted for a long time with the our parents, in the end, we decided that if the choice was to be either all or none we opted for none! ".

5. Investment in travel

One of the most interesting choices, in my opinion.

Erika A .: "Mattia and I are 2 travelers. We met in Australia, we visited half the world and we are about to move to New Zealand. Investing money for a wedding with 100 guests? Even no, we prefer to use them for our travels";

Sonia P .: "Since we met we have started dreaming and putting aside our savings to visit at least 10 foreign countries in 10 years. Honestly, we prefer to invest in this rather than in a party that lasts only one day. "

6. Romance and exclusivity

How to blame them!

Veronica S .: "the choice to marry alone is practically in me since I was little. I find it much more romantic than having a party with hundreds of people who don't even know each other";

Elettra N .: "I find that a candlelit dinner for up to 10 people is much more particular and exclusive than a noisy and soulless reception".

7. Distance from the wedding venue

There are clearly also "technical-practical" issues, as I say:

Gisella M ..: "I live in Barcelona, ​​Giuseppe lives in Dublin, our families are a mix of nationalities between Italians, Spaniards and Irish people. Finding a place that suited everyone was really a challenge. We therefore prefer to get married alone, without our families who, in any case, will follow us in live streaming ".

8. Organizational stress

Yep, organizing a wedding requires a high level of planning and time management skills (yourself and others). And not everyone has them.

Bianca Z ..: "We don't really talk about stressing myself out after capricious guests who complain about everything. Tommaso and I decided for an intimate wedding practically immediately after the proposal".


And how did you organize your elope in Le Marche? What do you think of intimate ceremonies and for a few guests? Would you like to Elope to Italy? Or did you choose to getting married in Santorini? Let me know

If you need to talk to me, if you want to know more about how I work and what I can do for you, what are you waiting for?



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