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Wedding at Villa Adele, historic wedding venue in Romagna, Cesena, Italy

Villa Adele, historical italian wedding venue at Cesena, Romagna, Italy

October, month of inspections and new discoveries. In reality, the location I went to visit last month wasn't a real discovery for me (in the sense that I obviously knew about its existence!).

I've been wanting to see with my own eyes one of the most popular wedding locations in Romagna for a couple of years now. With the wedding season over, I was finally able to dedicate some time to venue scouting and so here I am Villa Adele, historic residence located on the hills near Cesena, in my beloved Romagna!

Getting married at Villa Adele, in Romagna: the right choice for a refined wedding

During the inspection I obviously took various notes, necessary to get to know this location and to have an overview of the spaces available to organize a wedding at Villa Adele. Let's see them together.


The history of Villa Adele is closely linked to a noble family of Tuscan origin, Bernardini della Massa. In fact, the family had Villa Adele built as their country residence in the first half of the 1700s. Two centuries later it was the residence of an opera singer from the Marche and subsequently became part of the Tenuta San Demetrio which is in charge of the management of the vineyards and land surrounding Villa Adele.


Villa Adele is located a few kilometers from Cesena and, thanks to its privileged position on a hill, enjoys a breathtaking, truly wonderful panorama: on clear days the view extends from the sea of Cesenatico to the Apennines.

Choosing to get married at Villa Adele will allow you to enjoy one of the most beautiful panoramic views in all of Cesena. The panoramic terrace in front of the Villa is truly a plus, not many wedding locations in Romagna can boast this feature.

On the terrace it is possible to celebrate the civil ceremony (therefore with legal value) or, if the wedding took place in an external church, use it for the aperitif and the appetizer buffet. The sunset is right on this side and the shade of the trees will guarantee a pleasant convivial moment.

Often, on this side, we return for cake time because the lights of the valley offer a truly impactful evening show.

villa adele, cesena,  vista dall'alto


The large park of Villa Adele is located in the rear part of the Villa, in perfect symmetry with the panoramic terrace. The park boasts several centuries-old plants and is perfect for those who want a reception in the woods. Please note though: we are really in the woods so ad hoc lighting must be designed, otherwise you will dine in the dark!

What if it rains? It will be necessary to erect a marquee on the left side of the villa. The tent structure that is usually set up is a crystal one so the view of the surrounding panorama is still guaranteed.


Entering Villa Adele catapults you back in time: furniture, historical objects, paintings, sofas and marble. A wonder for the eyes! Certainly a very suggestive atmosphere, perfect for the couple's shooting after the ceremony.

In particular, the entrance which overlooks both the terrace with a view and the rear garden is my favorite place because, although not very large, it has a very elegant look and I find it perfect both for a small ceremony and for welcoming guests for moments of conversation.

villa adele cesena, interni


Last on my list, but not least! Also on the ground floor of Villa Adele there is a delightful consecrated chapel, perfect for an intimate ceremony, or rather, super intimate!

Wedding at Villa Adele, why not?

Visiting Villa Adele was truly magnificent! So if you want to get married in Romagna or, better yet, you want me to help you organize a wedding at Villa Adele, I'll be waiting for you!

Below is the reportage of the inspection of Villa Adele by Senad Dziho

Video: Senni Visual

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