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Elope in Italy: reasons to have or not to have


Who among you has never dreamed of leaving, running away or, better, escaping from stress, anxiety and unexpected events that often occur just a few days before the wedding? Who hasn't wanted a wedding, an elopement for two, just the two of you and no one else?

With today's post, I'll explain the reasons to have or not to have an elopement, one of the most widespread trends of recent years.


I had already talked about alternative marriage (if you missed it, learn more about intimate weddings with the post about Microwedding and read the new page about Intimate Wedding in Le Marche) precisely in that post one of the possibilities illustrated was precisely that of the elopement: a wedding for two, on the other side of the world on a desert island and, most importantly, without relatives, friends or any other guests. Alone. It is the elopement par excellence!

If your wish is a unique wedding, just between him and you, then I'm sure you won't be able to ignore this solution!

Obviously you can decide to do it in complete secrecy or choose to communicate it to your loved ones in time, but it will still be solo.

If you are still undecided whether to do it or not, here are the yes and not of the elopement:


  1. INTIMACY: Your wedding day will be very personal and intimate and it will be just for the two of you together. You'll be able to spend all your time with your new husband without having to mingle with hundreds of guests

  2. SAVINGS: Your entire wedding will be much less expensive if you don't have to pay for rentals, catering, entertainment, etc. Furthermore, if you choose to get married in the same destination as your honeymoon, you will have saved even more

  3. SIMPLICITY: you will avoid the dilemmas of the guest list since it will be just the two of you (and perhaps your witnesses). You won't have to decide how many cousins and uncles to invite or whether to include co-workers. No problem therefore even in the annoying choice of who to "invite" even to the reception or who to "participate" in the ceremony only.

AGAINST ELOPEMENT: reasons against

  1. REMEMBER: Even if you don't think so, you may regret excluding your family from your wedding celebrations. There are many meaningful moments in both the ceremony and reception of a "traditional" wedding, and seeing the pride in your mother's face or walking down the Church aisle with your father are feelings so special that they're hard to pin down.

  2. REACTIONS: Family and friends may react negatively to your escape. It's easy to say it's just "your" marriage, but it won't be a great start to your married life if you've alienated your closest friends. People sometimes feel offended if they don't get an invitation to your wedding or if you plan a wedding they can't go to, especially if you attended their wedding.

  3. VALUES: You may deeply offend the religious values of your family members. If your family has strong moral or religious views they may not see eloping as a suitable way to get married. If she's Catholic, for example, she might feel offended if you've decided to get married on a sunny beach instead of a grand church ceremony.

And you? Would you marry alone, away from everyone and everything? Follow the news on this topic on the new page dedicated to Micro Wedding nelle Marche.

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