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Wedding at Corte San Ruffillo, contemporary italian venue in Dovadola (Forlì-Cesena), Romagna, Italy

Corte San Ruffillo, for a marriage between nature and design in the heart of Romagna

As usual, once the summer wedding season is over, that period of the year begins for me when research and inspections of wedding locations in Romagna and Marche begin again.

This year I started from Romagna and more precisely with the inspection of Corte San Ruffillo, one of the few wedding locations in the area capable of reconciling contemporaneity, design and history. If you are then looking for a wedding location in Romagna different from the usual, refined and at the same time authentic, continue reading, you are in the right place!

Corte San Ruffillo, wedding venue in Romagna, Italy, for an authentic event

Corte San Ruffillo is located in the Tuscan-Emilian Apennines, not even 20 km from Forlì, in the delightful Dovadola, totally immersed in the green hills of Romagna and a few minutes from Parco Nazionale delle Foreste Casentinesi: a spectacle of nature!

The history of Corte San Ruffillo is inextricably intertwined with the delightful parish church of San Ruffillo which is located within the complex (whose recovery dates back to 1290) and which still today allows it to host exclusively small and intimate renewals of promises.

During the inspection I was welcomed by Sara, owner of the venue and who I cannot help but define as a tireless woman, a "dreamer and lover of time", just as she defines herself on the web site of Corte San Ruffillo.

What I find delightful and innovative at Corte San Ruffillo, in addition to the relaxing and regenerative atmosphere (the large windows almost everywhere that open up the view of the surrounding nature are a strongly characterizing element of the location) is the profound love of Sara and her family for this place, a love that certainly arises from their history and their traditions, but which could not, in my opinion, be different given the spectacular nature of the place:

"When you come across the place where your heart lies, don’t ever leave it"

always to quote Sara's words.

Wedding at Corte San Ruffillo, a location full of spaces and alternative solutions

Let's see how this location develops and the possibilities of using the various spaces available:


In this precious and particular location it is possible to celebrate, in addition to symbolic rites, the legal rite of the marriage therefore legally recognized. The possibilities of choosing the place where to carry it out are different: in the grove or in the small and bright breakfast room adjacent to the Spa (my favorite among the indoor solutions) or in the Horse Chestnut Room, with its windows overlooking the outdoor garden. Good or bad weather, in any case the wedding at Corte San Ruffillo will be, in my opinion, an event to remember.


Corte San Ruffillo has a total of 14 rooms (up to 34 people) + 1 attic (perfect for young friends) all tastefully furnished and located in the two adjacent buildings, Canonica and Villa Filetto. When Sara showed them to me, it was a surprise every time: one different from the other, each one had that something that made you fall in love with it!


Lovit! The spa and the swimming pool are almost essential elements for me, in particular when it comes to organizing what has been going great lately: a destination wedding! Therefore, they are essential to give the newlyweds and their families and friends (often foreigners who choose to get married in Corte San Ruffillo and who decide to stay for at least a couple of nights) moments of relaxation and conviviality throughout the entire period of their stay in the location.


Among the first spaces that Sara showed me when I went to do the inspection was the vegetable garden: a very special place where Sara dreams of seeing a ceremony celebrated there sooner or later. Will I be able to please her? :-)

The Corte San Ruffillo grove is a real gem and I find it really suitable for the ceremony!


Cooking class, picnic in the vineyard, visit to the cured meat cellar, truffle hunting in autumn... these are just some of the experiences that can be had here. Also in this case, particularly for destination weddings, these solutions are a real must!


Organic wine from local vines, Evo oil, fruit compotes and chutneys: truly spoiled for choice for gifts for guests. All organic products from the Corte San Ruffillo farm!

In conclusion

I had already wanted to go and visit Corte San Ruffillo since last year, this year I finally succeeded and my expectations were more than repaid!

Below is the reportage of the inspection at Corte San Ruffillo by Senad Dziho

Photo: from the web site of Corte San Ruffillo

If you need to contact me to organize your wedding at Corte San Ruffillo, if you want to know more about how I work and what I can do for you, what are you waiting for?



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