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First Look, the emotion of the first glance

Original ideas to remember your meeting before the ceremony

From my point of view, the First Look is the most significant moment of the wedding because it is the emotion of the first glance between the spouses. It is therefore not the exchange of faiths or the official declaration of marriage, but the moment in which the eyes of the couple meet for the first time, the first magical contact that the two lovers exchange. First look, in fact.

Traditionally speaking, we are used to identifying this moment when the bride joins her partner at the altar or at the Communal table. A moment, therefore, in the public domain, perhaps surrounded by the background voices of the guests and constantly followed by the gaze of a thousand eyes.

Instead, in my opinion, it is a moment that should remain in the privacy of the two protagonists. It is a special moment, very touching and intimate that should be lived to the fullest, without having to hide one's emotions (this certainly applies to the groom, who is less "allowed" to cry with joy) in front of anyone.

Americans, as always, are one step ahead of us (let's even say two, go!) And, for some time now, the spouses from overseas love to capture their first meeting in some shots that portray them in the moment in which, away from everyone the guests and in complete privacy (apart from the photographer, of course), the two see each other for the first time (just before the ceremony).

If you decide for the first look too, you will surely experience a magical, unique and special moment, all yours. You will not necessarily be forced to tell the guests so it will be even more beautiful when they see the photos in the wedding album! Furthermore, I find it particularly suitable, indeed, I would say a must, for the spouses who wish to reach the place of the ceremony together rather than do the classic separate entrances.

Then, let's face it all, after so many months spent organizing every single detail, wouldn't you like to ease the tension a little if you start living the big day together right away?

First Look: definitely not traditional, but full of meaning, don't you think?

Foto: Mozi Ph., Benji Haisch, Ashley B., Alex Lasota, Ben Norton & via Pinterest

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