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DIRECTION & COORDINATION for your wedding in Emilia Romagna and the Marche

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The service must be booked by July 31, 2020, for weddings in Emilia Romagna and the Marches celebrated between August 1, 2020 and March 31, 2021


for the "Direction & Coordination" service

Give yourself a month without stress.

Let me think about your wedding the way you organized it.

I'm Federica

Your Wedding Planner

in Emilia Romagna and in the Marche

My name is Federica, I was born in Rome and I've been living in the beautiful Romagna for a long time, a land rich of history and culture to be the envy of much more famous Italian regions!

I am a Wedding Planner, a true "wedding planner" in its purest sense. I realize the whole project of your wedding starting from the assumption that there will be only collaborators and specific professional figures for each situation and nobody, much less me (!), will be improvised for what is not or for which it does not have the right ones skills (I don't prepare sweet table, I don't create graphic coordinates, I don't do bows or light candles!).

federica tamborini

For the serenity of the wedding, give yourself the service


For couples who have decided to organize their wedding on their own, I offer an exclusive service to manage the direction of the event. My task will be to coordinate all the organizational aspects of both the ceremony and the reception.


My professional help will allow everything to go smoothly so that you can live in peace and without stress on your wedding day.


You want a trusted person who, on the day of the event, takes care of coordinating all the professionals and who knows how to manage the unexpected


You want to enjoy your day, without worrying if the set-up was done as you wanted or if the DJ arrived on time


You want to feel free to live it fully, enjoying it in this way, the big day with serenity and carefree

This service is suitable for you though

Your Wedding Planner

in Emilia Romagna and in the Marche

Tel: +39 349 87 03 013

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