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Wedding for a few close friends: micro wedding or minimony?


It is now known that many couples have decided to get married on a smaller scale, thus preferring more intimate and reserved events.

In fact, the restrictions due to the Coronavirus pandemic have done nothing but increase not only elopements, but also weddings celebrated without the big party (therefore, the ceremony only with witnesses and family members direct, so-called "minimony" abbreviation of 'mini ceremony') or weddings where only the closest relatives and lifelong friends participate ("micro wedding").

Some time ago I told you about the Elopement, the elopement for two, do you remember?? Well, the trend of recent times (to tell the truth, even before the Coronavirus) is not only to escape from everything and everyone and get married alone, but also to celebrate one's union only with lifelong friends and closest relatives. No co-workers or extended families.

A choice that, to some more conservatives and traditionalists, could make their eyes pop. Instead, for several years already, the choice of many couples (American, first of all, as the famous The Knot) èthat of minimizing the number of guests and preferring ceremonies and parties with a more familiar and intimate mood.

During the Coronavirus, many couples decided to postpone the big party, still celebrating the ceremony (both civil and religious) with the witnesses and the family. Others, however, have decided to celebrate anyway, but reducing the number of guests as much as possible.

So if you are in doubt about how to proceed for your wedding and you want to get married with a few close friends, I will explain below a couple of solutions that could be right for you.

So let's see the decalogue of the Micro Wedding:


A very intimate ceremony, with very few guests, in any case with attention to the smallest details. This mini ceremony is now chosen by many Italian and foreign couples: who said that marriage is synonymous with hundreds of guests?

Generally, for this type of event, the number of guests is around 10/20 and the attention to detail (invitations, arrangements, flowers, etc.) is at the highest level. Because even if we talk about a mini ceremony, this does not mean a lack of elegance or refinement. On the contrary! And the emotions, in general, are so strong that it is difficult to forget such an event.

Celebrating your love with a very small number of people and spending quality time with each of them I find very chic, refined and exclusive.


The Micro Wedding is a wedding (whether civil, religious or symbolic it doesn't matter) with a maximum number of guests that is around 20/30 people. This is the substantial difference with a so-called traditional wedding.

The Micro Wedding allows the couple to better focus on the details and the attention given to the guests, something that would be difficult (and expensive) with weddings with hundreds of guests.


LThere are many reasons that lead to this choice:

  1. many want to avoid the mega party with hundreds of guests because, in addition to not liking this type of big event, they don't want to risk not giving the proper attention to their guests, thus leaving them with an unpleasant memory of the day;

  2. other couples do not have enough budget to organize a reception with large numbers (and of quality);

  3. many prefer to invest the entire budget on the design of the event (eg rental of exclusive and refined materials);

  4. some prefer to experience a more intimate and familiar event, a less dispersive wedding with more attention to detail;

  5. during last period of health crisis, celebrations and parties with a reduced number of guests made it possible to better follow the safety protocols in time of Covid 19


If on the one hand having a small number of guests can suggest a substantial reduction in the costs for the reception, on the other the couples who choose this solution rather want to invest their entire budget (which, ironically, is equal or slightly lower than that of a couple celebrating in the traditional way) on details and courtesies for guests.

Think about it: by reducing the number of guests you can, for example, allow yourself the luxury of wearing clothes by famous designers that otherwise you would never have even considered. Or, you can book a luxury hotel for guests who come from far away or directly organize a wellness weekend for them in your area. There are those who have decided to transfer their guests to elegant vintage cars or those who have organized the whole party in an amazing location and let the successful band they loved so much play. Another interesting idea could be to add an acrobatic show during the open bar or invest a large part of the budget in the design of the event by hiring some of the most famous Wedding Designers in Italy.


In conclusion, in Emilia Romagna and the Marches you are spoiled for choice. For more sober religious ceremonies, far from the city crowds, you can choose the village churches. While, in the event of a civil ceremony, the small towns of the inland villages will certainly be a perfect choice. For receptions, farmhouses, country houses or charming B&Bs are certainly perfect, perhaps with a view of the coast. Or, why not, if possible, even a nice house party, if the size allows it.

It is a way like any other to welcome your guests with warmth and "exclusivity". Also because, let's face it: not everyone thinks of marriage as a "big" event, a "big" party, but rather they consider it a very intimate and private moment. And the micro wedding or minimony are exactly the ideal solution. And if you want an intimate wedding in Le Marche contact me!

If you need to talk to me, if you want to know more about how I work and what I can do for you, what are you waiting for?



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